[SDL] Best approach to Rendering Vector Graphics with SDL?

bazz mbazzinotti at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 22:05:55 PDT 2013

This question stems from my investigation into supporting my application on various screen resolutions. I recently discovered Vector graphics. Now, this is all really new to me, so incase I am missing anything I wanted to approach the Forum.

Random Rant #1
Yeah Google is my best friend. ACtually that's probably true. So how about some semi-physical remote communication with other real people and their real opinions 

The Questions
1. What is so great about vector art? 
- - well I suppose I have this one answered. It's basically a way of expressing graphics so that it can display at any resolution without loss of quality. Google for high-tech answer 

2. How come I can't find anything on Displaying Vector Art with SDL??
- - Something as useful as this sounds to be begging for association with SDL.... I mean ya I found some screwy libSVG library from 2008 or so.. but something so outdated I will prefer to stay away from. I am hoping for better answers/advice.

My Circumstance
I am looking to support various devices such as PC, tablet, cell phone. Now the vector graphics looks like a great answer. From here I wonder what is the best move? I don't know much about vector graphic file formats. The benefits behind each one, or why cell phones are using a different SVG format, i think it's called tiny SVG?? (not sure, time is short)

SVG library vs. Rasterization
this all depends on if SDL + Vector Graphics is a nice relationship. Because if not, the other resolution I see is to use some kind of Rasterizer, to at some point use the user's Screen resolution to rasterize SVG (or whatever vector format file extension) into png files. So it just boils down to whether I can render SVG directly inside/with my SDL code, using a library or whatever (portability is of course super necessary, as far as PC(win,mac,linux)/android/iOS). If I cannot find a way to directly do SVG renderings, then I figure I could rasterize to PNG somehow and then load the PNG's like my app already does.

This is still rough in the dome. So I am really looking for answers. Can anyone help me out? Once again, I'm just trying to open up this treasure chest of universal screen support

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