[SDL] Any interest in a Python shell for SDL 2.0?

mva at sysfault.org mva at sysfault.org
Fri Mar 1 18:11:55 PST 2013

pvc <paul at cravenfamily.com>:

> Gaëtan de Menten wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, what is wrong with Pygame2? In your comparison  
>> (on the linked page), it is unclear which pygame you used (even  
>> though you mention both).
> Good question. Reinventing the wheel is a classic mistake in  
> software development.
> I'd like an accelerated, drop-in replacement for pygame.  
> Pygamereloaded does not offer this. I started by looking at the line  
> algorithm for pygame reloaded, and got scared away after looking at  
> it. It did not seem accelerated at all, and only supported a  
> specification of line width if the line was horizontal or vertical.

There are only basic line clipping algorithms, but not line drawing, so you
probably looked at the old SDL 1.2 code of pgreloaded.

> I think a lot of classic pygame can be ported across. The drawing  
> primitives and handling of surfaces and textures needs the most  
> work. I'm hoping a lot of the rest won't need much in the way of  
> changes.
> For people that really want the full SDL library experience I've  
> started wrapping the SDL commands, just adding a thin layer for  
> python compatibility. I think this could be handy for the more  
> advanced developer.

pgreloaded has this already. Feel free to copy whatever suits you, in case
you did not complete it already.


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