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> There has been a lot of great discussion and ideas, but I hate to say
> I am not quite ready to begin working this out yet (or setting up a
> proper home).  Sorry it took so long to respond.

No need to apologize, I'd volunteer to help but I have a few projects
I'm working on myself (and no idea what to help with ;) ).

> The source image will be a .svg, although I plan on making a library
> that will interact with the online database.  I imagine this can be
> converted to raster form relatively easily (Never actually looked into
> how easy it would be to get a svg to raster parser yet), but I wanted
> something that can scale as needed.

Do you have any plans yet for how the button, etc., data will be
packaged? Since SVG is xml, maybe just have a single xml file that
contains both an SVG for an image, and then some additional markup for
the other info?

> I was also working out a way to have premade templates for controls.
> (although I meant this to be used at the individual game level).  I
> suppose that a generic template or two could be part of the online
> database, but not entirely sure having a simplified controller profile
> defined for each gamepad is a great idea.

Unless your game will be fine with the generic template, I'd say to
just let game developers package some with their games. They can store
them as files or whatever else makes sense for them, which should
hopefully simplify your work.

> I suppose that the database can also contain the button options for
> each game that uses the database, but maintenance could be a problem.

Yeah, if a game was uninstalled but didn't remove itself correctly you
could be left with some of it's data afterwards with no idea of what
it was.

> (for now, I don't think I will be using an actual
> database, and just have it as a collection of files).

That seems like a reasonable way of doing it. After all, from an
external 'black box' view, it'll probably look the same anyways.

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