[SDL] SDL2 error on iOS (doublefree)

Tim Angus tim at ngus.net
Fri Feb 17 09:25:11 PST 2012

On 07/02/2012 18:37, Tim Angus wrote:
> The attached patch contains a bit of extra noise to centralise the
> allocation of SDL_DisplayModeData, but in essence the fix is just to not
> retain, allocate or free current_mode, and treat it as a weak reference
> only. I haven't really had time to properly test this so YMMV, but I
> think this is the correct route to take.

I've been really busy recently, but looking over the patch I wrote it 
seems to do the correct thing. Did anybody having troubles here try the 
patch and did it help? I'll probably stick it in bugzilla if there 
aren't any issues with it.

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