[SDL] [PATCH] Nintendo DS update

Sam Lantinga slouken at libsdl.org
Sun Feb 12 18:06:03 PST 2012

This patch is in, thanks!

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 3:01 PM, Frank Zago <frank at zago.net> wrote:

> Hi Sam,
> This patch updates the DS port:
> - do not use the now removed compat layer.
> - integrate parts of libgl2D since I got permission from the author, and
> thus
> removed an external dependancy,
> - a few bugs fixes.
> Now, the textures should be completely supported, except reading from them
> which doesn't makes sense to have on the DS. Sound is still not supported.
> If someone else wants to work on the missing pieces, feel free.
> Regards,
>  Frank.
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