[SDL] [SDL_image & ttf] Bug on OSX 10.5 32bit

Eric Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 23:33:29 PST 2012

Actually, I don't think this is a bug. This is due to the fact that
10.5 will try to run 64-bit binaries, but Apple failed to fill in all
the API holes in the 10.5 time frame. This was documented in the first
section with workarounds/solutions here:


On 2/6/12, vlag <valentin.soudier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody !
> First of all, I apologize in advance for my English, I still have some
> languages problems ;)
> I'm currently try to port Zelda Solarus (
> http://zelda-solarus.com/jeu-zsdx-download ), on Mac OSX 10.5+.
> Actually, there is no problem for most of users, but I got some feedback
> from OSX 10.5 - Intel 32bit users, in wich the game doesn't launch.
> After checking the error message, the issue is because of embed framework
> (Freetype on SDL_ttf and webp on SDL_image) are "not a suitable image"
> (unknow required load command 0x80000022).
> Strangely, the framework are actually compiled for i386 and x86_64, so I
> guess you just forgot to set the deployment target on Mac OS 10.5, or the
> -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 flag if you compile without XCode.
> I'm not even sure this is the trouble, and I'm not a Mac expert, so I'll
> just switch the "bugged" framework with an equivalent dylib compiled with
> this flag, send it to the 10.5 users, and this works. Then there is another
> problem with SDL_image, but the point is the system found the lib.
> This is not a big deal, but I thought you might like to know that there is a
> backyard compatibility issue on the latest frameworks.
> PS : I use, of course, the latest version, downloaded yesterday
> Thanks
> Valentin

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