[SDL] SDL2 Android instant-errors on startup

David Van Duzer dvd at tennica.net
Tue Feb 7 10:37:46 PST 2012

Try adding a file android-project/jni/Application.mk with the
following two lines:

APP_PROJECT_PATH := $(call my-dir)/..
APP_STL := stlport_shared

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 12:38 AM, Jonas Thiem <jonasthiem at googlemail.com> wrote:
> The ndk build goes fine. When extracting the .apk it does also definitely contain the libstlport_shared.so among the other libs.
> Now, should I load it in SDLActivity? I have no idea, I am totally new to Android and the NDK. I am not using the lib directly though, it is just a dependency if that makes any difference.
> Gabriel Jacobo <gabomdq at gmail.com> wrote:
>>2012/2/5 Jonas Thiem <jonasthiem at googlemail.com>:
>>> Sadly, this doesn't fix the issue.
>>> Apparently, it fails due to libstlport_shared.so not being around
>>which I pulled into the project for Box2D. However, that file is inside
>>android-project/libs/armeabi/ like all other .so libs.
>>> So why is Android unable to locate it?
>>> I uploaded the whole Android project folder in case someone wants to
>>have a look:
>>> http://www.homeofjones.de/temp/android-project.zip
>>> I realize this is more Android than SDL-related, but maybe someone
>>has an idea what is going on.
>>When you ndk-build the project, do you see any errors? Did you inspect
>>the .apk file, is the .so file in there? Should you load it from
>>SDLActivity.java like the other .so files?
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