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Sam Lantinga slouken at libsdl.org
Sat Feb 4 15:21:01 PST 2012

The index for SDL_GetDisplayMode() is 0 - SDL_GetNumVideoDisplays()-1
You might also enjoy SDL_GetDisplayBounds()

I think it's set up so that as far as it's possible to tell, 0 is always
the main display.

Nothing changed in the OS X keyboard code as far as I know.  I just tried
checkkeys and it seems to be working fine here.

BTW, if you're interested in updating the 1.2 -> 2.0 migration guide,
please let me know!


On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 5:49 PM, Brian Barnes <ggadwa at charter.net> wrote:

> I've started the testing of SDL2.  Since relative mouse motion (as far as
> I know) is only in the OS X version, I started there.  I'm glad you got rid
> of the compatibility layer, because I found places that I didn't properly
> put in the SDL (1.3) code.
> One quick question: SDL_GetDisplayMode takes a "displayIndex" integer, and
> there seems to be no way to gather this in the API that I can find.  I just
> used 0 and it all works, but I was guessing.  What's the proper way to get
> the main display?
> Second, the code I grabbed was the feb 3 zip.  Keyboard input seems
> completely messed up on OS X (the older SDL 1.3 seemed to work fine.)  It
> works but only a couple keys seem to respond and with weird codes.  Is
> there a known current bug or has something changed between 1.3 and SDL 2?
>  If it's a know bug, I'll put it down for a while, otherwise I'll start
> debugging.
> I'll begin testing the iOS version soon.
> Whenever relative mouse motion gets in the win32 version, I'll test that
> too.
> Does the win32 version still require the main lib (the OS X version
> doesn't anymore, and thank you for that!)  If so, is there a technical
> reason for that?
> [>] Brian
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