[SDL] Optional SDL 1.2 Key Repeat Behavior in 2.0 ?

RodrigoCard cuecax at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 14:48:24 PST 2012

I know I can check the repeat flag in the KEYDOWN event, but my case is more specific.
My loop looks somewhat like this:

while (running) {
	while (SDL_PollEvent(&e)) {
		// Handle Useful Events

I basically I want to let the updateStuff() run only when there is events that matter for it, and I filter all the stuff I dont need before  the main loop.
But SDL 2.0 keep firing KEYDOWN events (with repeat = 1), and updateStuff() is called needlessly.
in SDL 1.2 I can just disable key repeat and it works.
If I need to handle this case, it will complicate the code inside the while loop.

Is there any way to disable key repeat events currently?


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