[SDL] SDL_GameController API

Alfred Reynolds Alfred at valvesoftware.com
Mon Dec 10 10:42:32 PST 2012

Hey list, 
	We have added a new API to SDL, SDL_GameController. This subsystem wraps the joystick API and provides an idealized game controller output for a wide range of joystick devices. The goal of the GameController API is to let games consume simple controller input events (button A presses, left stick X moved) for a wide range of hardware. We currently support a reasonably large range of controllers on Windows and OS X, we will be growing the supported list over time (with the help of the Big Picture mode in Steam to provide mappings).

	As a part of the joystick support we have also added support for hot-plugging of joysticks and we make use of XInput where available on Windows. If your game is designed to work with game controllers then this is the API for you, it removes the need for large mapping tables on each OS for the different physical mappings joysticks present to SDL.

- Alfred

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