[SDL] Collecting Input using SDL_CreateWindowFrom

pulkomandy at pulkomandy.ath.cx pulkomandy at pulkomandy.ath.cx
Sun Jul 31 13:09:13 PDT 2011

> I'm pretty sure others have attempted this and succeeded, and I'm sure I'm 
> missing something simple.  If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate 
> it.

Last time I did embed SDL in something else, I had to use SDL_PushEvent with 
event I created myself from an event handler in wxWidgets. Likely you're not 
trying to embed SDL into a wxWidgets window, and that was with SDL1.2 ; but 
it may be worth trying something similar. Not sure if there are other 
solutions, I remember SDL as being quite invasive when you try to mix it with 
other stuff.


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