[SDL] SDL on Android in 10 step

Neil White neil at cloudsprinter.com
Sun Jul 31 03:40:00 PDT 2011

i am pretty interested if not a little scared to start using SDL for my
android projects, i feel a little dirty cheat using libgdx
http://code.google.com/p/libgdx/ for my last projects,

 i think sdl on android has alot to learn from libgdx, if SDL on android
became as simple to use as libgdx it would be party time... erm..

 right now my next android project i am going back to just andoid not libgdx
in the hope i get a better understanding of the general workings of android
rady to star going into NDK territory.

here is my tat on android so far - http://www.bogstd.com/ ( all libgdx )
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