[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Dominus domiman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 16:24:47 PDT 2011

I agree. 
Reading through this I wondered why there are so many pages about software render even after Ryan's post...

The more interesting things to discuss are the ones on the first page.
For example how to handle coexistance of SDL 1.2 and SDL 1.3/2.0 in the future. Hopefully in the near future.
Right now you have to decide which SDL you want to have on your system (or prefix) and mostly people tend to decide on 1.2 because it works (with glitches).

And some kind of rough roadmap would be nice, too, especially I'd like to know whether 1.2 will get another release or whether people will need to check out the SDL 1.2 branch to get their bugs fixed...

MrOzBarry wrote:
> Why are we still debating whether or not we want a software renderer?
> I believe Ryan stated a number of replies back that the renderer is
> generally complete, and it's no longer a development bottleneck.
> In regards to software rendering as a compatibility layer, I think
> software rendering is useful.  This thread is filled with various game
> developers stating that, and to those who aren't using the software
> renderer, I suppose it shouldn't matter to you if it is still included
> or not.
> -Alex

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