[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Beoran beoran at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 05:02:26 PDT 2011

Tim and David, I agree with you.

Forest, sure, SW rendering is slow and hogs the CPU if you want to render to display.  If you want to do in-memory image editing, though, it can be very useful. Rendering to a HW texture and then reading back the pixels is sort of complicated and I'm unsure if it's supported everywhere. In stead, I'd render to a sw surface, and update the texture only if needed.

Vittorio, agreed there, but which simple 2d features should be added? Now we have blitting and scaling. Next to add would be rotozooming? Anything else? Just plain rotation? Shearing? Affine transformations? Mode 7 style "perspective" projections? Do we needed more primitives too like triangles, circles, ellipses, rounded rectangles..? Or should those be left for the next version of SDL_gfx? 

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