[SDL] Android: SDL_RenderCopy using dest rectangle not working

Forest Hale havoc at ghdigital.com
Fri Jul 29 04:36:27 PDT 2011

I don't know anything about the specifics of what is going on there, but keep in mind that copying image data is not a strongpoint of GLES, perhaps the SDL_RendererCopy implementation is using 
functionality not present on GLES?

On 07/29/2011 04:34 AM, William Dyce wrote:
> Hi chaps,
> Sorry to both you again, I have a little problem here. The following works fine, stretching a whole image across the whole screen:
> *SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, sprite, NULL, NULL);*
> If I try to specific where to draw the sprite though, that is its destination rectangle, I get just a black square under Android:
> *SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, sprite, NULL, &rect);
> *
> Under Linux everything works fine. Any idea what might be causing this?
> I'm thinking it has to do with how the window's size is overridden by the mobile's screen-size...
> William
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