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Forest Hale havoc at ghdigital.com
Thu Jul 28 22:53:04 PDT 2011

A Mac running XCode is the only way to make an app for the iOS appstore, you also need an iOS device for testing of course...  when you develop for Apple operating systems, you buy their hardware, and 
yes it has rather significant price to consider.

As I see it, around $1000 for a Macbook (or a Mac Mini + monitor and peripherals) and $700 for an iPad2 (16GB wifi with a few addons), you may find need to purchase additional iOS devices to broaden 
your range of testing; angry users once it hits the appstore are a serious problem from what I gather.

I find it amusing that developers always complain more about the price of a Mac for development than the Mac users do - of course I am no exception :)

On 07/28/2011 09:51 PM, William Dyce wrote:
> Yeah, already had to switch to 1.3 & turn off gles2.0. What environment do you use? I don't actually own a Mac of any description so i may need to buy one. I'd rather use somethimg like Hackintosh
> though if I can manage. Not exactly rolling in it...
> On 28 July 2011 23:12, Brian Barnes <ggadwa at charter.net <mailto:ggadwa at charter.net>> wrote:
>     On 7/27/2011 11:47 PM, William Dyce wrote:
>         Congrats :D
>         We're likely to port our game SDL to iOS in the near future, after I'm done
>         with Android. Don't suppose you'd mind answering a few questions when the
>         time comes?
>         William
>     No problem!
>     So far, I haven't really had any trouble, but I've only run on the simulator.  Compiling SDL 1.3 -> iOS just worked with the trunk.  I don't use anything but SDL proper, I compile my own libPNG,
>     etc., so that part might be a problem.  My test app (which test my libraries) seems to work fine.
>     The biggest deal was just replacing all the non ES 1 (sticking with ES 1 for now as it more closely resembles my code as dim3 has a built in fixed function path for computers that don't support
>     shaders, ES 2 in the future.)  And handling things like I had VBOs with UNSIGNED_INT indexes, and had to split some of them up to fit in UNSIGNED_SHORT, etc.
>     Since you are already on Andriod, that part should be cake.
>     One nice thing about iOS OpenGL ES development (and maybe this is the same for andriod, it would be nice to know as a couple people have talked about porting dim3 to android), is that Apple
>     "extended" OpenGL ES to include things it didn't have -- like mapping VBOs (something I'd hate to lose) and FBOs.
>     [>] Brian
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