[SDL] Scruffy3D Released!

William Dyce wilbefast at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 21:51:19 PDT 2011

Yeah, already had to switch to 1.3 & turn off gles2.0. What environment do
you use? I don't actually own a Mac of any description so i may need to buy
one. I'd rather use somethimg like Hackintosh though if I can manage. Not
exactly rolling in it...
On 28 July 2011 23:12, Brian Barnes <ggadwa at charter.net> wrote:

> On 7/27/2011 11:47 PM, William Dyce wrote:
>> Congrats :D
>> We're likely to port our game SDL to iOS in the near future, after I'm
>> done
>> with Android. Don't suppose you'd mind answering a few questions when the
>> time comes?
>> William
> No problem!
> So far, I haven't really had any trouble, but I've only run on the
> simulator.  Compiling SDL 1.3 -> iOS just worked with the trunk.  I don't
> use anything but SDL proper, I compile my own libPNG, etc., so that part
> might be a problem.  My test app (which test my libraries) seems to work
> fine.
> The biggest deal was just replacing all the non ES 1 (sticking with ES 1
> for now as it more closely resembles my code as dim3 has a built in fixed
> function path for computers that don't support shaders, ES 2 in the future.)
>  And handling things like I had VBOs with UNSIGNED_INT indexes, and had to
> split some of them up to fit in UNSIGNED_SHORT, etc.
> Since you are already on Andriod, that part should be cake.
> One nice thing about iOS OpenGL ES development (and maybe this is the same
> for andriod, it would be nice to know as a couple people have talked about
> porting dim3 to android), is that Apple "extended" OpenGL ES to include
> things it didn't have -- like mapping VBOs (something I'd hate to lose) and
> FBOs.
> [>] Brian
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