[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Beoran beoran at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 13:44:06 PDT 2011

It's not just 10 year ago. My nettop and cheap desktop have equally crappy integrated chips and they're 4 and 3 years old. The software renderer is +-50% faster than the HW "accelerated" one on them for me.  And yes, I have the right driver. The driver can't help the crappiness of the hardware. And think a bit out of the box. SDL is being used for car automation, for GUIs on devices that don't even have Opengl or Directx acceleration, on underpowered handheld gaming devices like the GPX2, and all the other framebuffer devices out there, and the Nintendo DS.  And apart from that software rendering is very useful for other things too like testing, image editing, precomposing, ...  

Martin, I think you'll be happier to use Haaf's game engine in stead of SDL. It's windows only but HW accellerated based on Directx and has everything you seem to want. http://hge.relishgames.com/ 

Mason Wheeler wrote:
> See, that's just it. The P3 was released in 1999. Accelerated video was already a standard feature on new Windows boxes by then. A P3 running Windows 98 can handle up to DX7 without trouble, and DX8 on most video cards, though some crappy integrated chips don't support it. I still remember those days.

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