[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Andreas Schiffler aschiffler at ferzkopp.net
Thu Jul 28 08:58:47 PDT 2011

In my view to have a software-only implementation of rendering functions 
- however slow it may be - is actually a good thing as it can serve as a 
"reference implementation" for testing other renderers. This years GSoC 
student - whom I am mentoring - has made great progress in writing some 
tooling to automate and improve the testing of SDL. Although pixel-level 
testing will probably not be part of this new framework due to time 
constraints, it was originally a goal. Such tests would have to rely on 
a software-only simulation (or implementation) to validate the output 
(screencapture) of other renderers.

Personally, I would prefer an implementation that is based on a 3D-only 
approach with Mesa3D as a software-based failsafe and visual reference 
via the Off-screen rendering API (OSMesa - see 


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