[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Beoran beoran at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 08:08:11 PDT 2011

Ok, I misunderstood you there. I actually agree that these features (rotozoom/coloring, etc) 
should be added to SDL too. 

If I understand you correctly, the reason you want to drop sw rendering and X11 is because 
you see them as a hinderance to getting the features you want into SDL.  I think that's not 
neccesarily the case. I know you want these features but that's not a reason for other, 
existing features to be dropped! What you really need is more developers helping out with SDL,  
not chasing them off by droping or not implementing features they might need.

As I said before, I need those functions you want HW accellerated in *software*. 
So, I think we should cooperate! We agree on the needed functions, you write the HW 
accellerated versions and I do the SW equivalents. If you're done earlier than me just 
put in stubs for the SW versions until I catch up. I always like more code and less arguing. :)

Kind Regards, 


Mason Wheeler wrote:
> Actually no, I did not say that adding a few rendering 2D functions
> to the SDL core is "feature creep". Feature creep is adding unnecessary
> features for the sake of adding features. I don't find the things I'm asking
> for unnecessary.

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