[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Torsten Giebl wizard at syntheticsw.com
Thu Jul 28 04:09:09 PDT 2011

Hello !

> I think the problem is that SDL serves two relatively distinct purposes:
> 1. A platform abstration layer.
> 2. An API for 2D rendering.

Definitely, but even for simple 2D games people wanted,
since the SDL 1.2 days, Alpha Blending, Rotation, Zooming, and Flipping X/Y ( all if possible HW accelerated ! )
Features that every old 16 bit console like Genesis, SNES, ... had.

Many people wrote that it would be perfectly fine for them,
if the software ones, would be generic functions without special optimizations.

If someone is coding a 2D game, he could ask SDL if HW acc. is possible
and if not, maybe pre-process stuff like rotation.

I do not want SDL to become a second Allegro Library,
but stuff like this is usefull even for the simplest 2D game.

Is this something that Sam Lantinga, Ryan Gordon and others here would agree to ?


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