[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Torsten Giebl wizard at syntheticsw.com
Thu Jul 28 01:39:57 PDT 2011

Hello !

> Yes, please.  And while we're at it, can we please finally remove support for the non-accelerated
> rendering backends that are holding SDL back?
> I'm sure the desktop Linux folks will raise a big hue and cry about it again because they can't seem
> to get working OpenGL drivers in a lot of cases, but the fact of the matteris, desktop Linux is
> irrelevant because the actual users are simply not using it.  The seriousplatforms today are
> Windows (guaranteed D3D and GL in 99%+ of all cases), mobile *nix (guaranteed GLES on all
> platforms I'm aware of) and, to a much lesser extent, OSX (guaranteedGL in all cases).  Desktop
> Linux *still* has less than 1% market share, and only a fraction of that tiny fraction actually cares
> about gaming.  And for them, there's still SDL 1.2.
> It makes no sense to let a tiny fraction of a percent hold SDL 1.3/2.0 back from implementing
> modern rendering features.

Not long ago, we had the exact same discussion. The result of it was, the majority voted against
dropping X11, GDI and Co., but if simple functions like rotating and zooming would be added to the SDL
API would be perfectly happy, if only generic functions would be added to the software blitter,
instead of having optimized ones for every corner case.

What a coder of classic 2d games would like to have in SDL 1.3/2.0 :

Multiple window support, for games like SimCity, Railroad Tycoon and
in general games, that use more than one window: CHECK

Hardware Accelerated Alpha Blending on systems that support it: CHECK

Hardware Accelerated Functions for SNES Mode 7 like Efffects Rotating and Zooming: HOPEFULLY SOON


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