[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Jul 28 00:42:09 PDT 2011

Nicholas Vining writes:

> We added an OpenGL "renderer" in patch 1.0.3 to support the Steam
> overlay, because Steam's overlay will only work with OpenGL or
> Direct3D code. Instead of creating an SDL surface for our screen, we
> run using SDL_OPENGL, create a texture, and then upload a software
> surface to it per frame using glTexSubImage2D(). We then draw a
> textured triangle and flip it. We get about five issues being
> reported, per day, from the userbase. This is the *simplest* possible
> OpenGL program you could make. It's basically the textured polygon
> example in the Red Book. And yet, we get support requests from people
> who use it and can't make it work, or whose machine it just doesn't
> work on.
> So, no. It is incorrect to assume that "everybody has OpenGL" on
> Windows, or even "nearly anybody." I expect a major flare-up in issues
> *with GDI* once we hit the next few portals, which will be more casual
> in nature. Heck, not everybody has a version of DirectDraw that works!
> That's from... what, 1992? Based on what we want to do for the next
> game, I'm going to end up writing an actual OpenGL renderer, and
> that's going to be a support nightmare. Them's the breaks, I suppose.

The use of Mesa 3D graphics library could help for those `GL challenged
environments'. Mesa 3D can implement OpenGL calls in software — on
windows, there is a GDI backend.


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