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I won't lie, I actually switched from SDL to SFML some time ago because:
1. the API is object-oriented, I find it more intuitive
2. I didn't know that SDL supported HW acceleration at the time
3. you can rotate, fade and stretch sprites easily
4. it has shinier, friendly, simpler tutorials and documentation

Now I'm back to SDL again because it supports Android and iOS and I have a
job to do. It helps too that it's older, with a larger community and
more resources: SFML is very young and hasn't been used in
many successful projects. It's also made by French people, and Americans
don't like the French because the two countries are no longer united in
their hatred of the English (they both still hate the English, but they do
so independently). As a result not so many people use SFML.

Now: If Google is anything to go by a lot of people are asking questions
about which of these two libraries they should choose. I think it's
important for each to specialise in some specific kind of application rather
than competing against one another. We should all be on the same side I


On 28 July 2011 16:44, Bob Pendleton <bob at pendleton.com> wrote:

> Everyone, I know think you know what Mason said, but it is not what he
> actually said....
> Mason said, drop support for platforms that do not have hardware
> graphics acceleration.
> He did not say "Drop support for Linux".
> Mason did say that he expected a lot of blow back from Linux users
> because he beleived that Linux has poor support for hardware
> accelerated graphics. That does not imply dropping support for Linux!
> Any he was right that he will get a lot of blow back from some Linux
> users. But, Linux has great 3D graphics accelerations and has had for
> many years.
> Perhaps Mason could have said what he meant in a way that is less
> likely to cause a fire storm. But, please, read what he actually said,
> not what you think he said.
> How about we change it to something like:
> Only support platforms that support widely used graphical APIs such as
> OpenGL and DirectX?
> Lighten up folks!
> Bob Pendleton
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