[SDL] SDL 1.3 status ?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Jul 27 23:29:41 PDT 2011

> I also don't understand why *everyone* has to roll it themselves, and
> Popcap framework is living proof that adding 'Big Stupid Thing to the
> API that pretends things aren't texture memory when they really are'
> works magnificently well. There is no reason for SDL to still stay in
> 1998 when the whole world has moved to 2011.

This conversation is about to veer off the rails (and I blame myself, 
for misreading Mason's email and thus throwing gasoline on the 
campfire)...so I'm just going to point out that there isn't anything 
inherently _wrong_ with building what you're describing...it's a game 

Different developers like different things. There's nothing wrong with 
PopCap Framework (or HGE, or Unity, or UDK, etc), but they serve 
different purposes than SDL. I don't think it's SDL's place to compete 
with them on feature set. In fact, I think a great use for SDL is to sit 
_under_ those frameworks, so they can pile on features and know that 
they'll be reasonably portable out of the box.


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