[SDL] Has anyone published an SDL 1.3 app on the Mac App Store?

Forest Hale havoc at ghdigital.com
Mon Jul 18 19:13:34 PDT 2011

As Sam spelled out in his farewell email when he shut down Galaxy Gameworks, SDL 1.3 core libraries maintained by Sam and Ryan went zlib license for all to use (SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image at least, I 
may be forgetting others - SDL_ttf?) so there is no license fee anymore, nor any effort involved, they can be freely static linked without consequence, it is good to put a note about using SDL 
however, and of course putting the app on the libsdl site as an app using SDL is a nice courtesy.

So SDL 1.3 should be perfectly safe to use on the Mac appstore (also the iOS appstore for what it's worth).

SDL 1.2 is not affected (still LGPL, and was never up for commercial licensing).

On 07/18/2011 03:36 PM, VernJensen wrote:
> michelleC wrote:
> We are a commercial licensed sdl user, however.
> Could that be the issue? I'm about to pay the $500 license fee, but I didn't think it made any difference to the library...
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