[SDL] Possible bug in FillRect?

Rob Probin rob at lightsoft.co.uk
Mon Jul 18 12:47:45 PDT 2011

Hi Patrick,

> If we abstract the idea of RGB and just treat them as 3 variables, say XYZ then:
> X = bits 23:16
> Y = bits 15:8
> Z = bits 7:0
> The upper 8 bits are then ignored. Then for each row of pixels, you find the
> XYZ-XYZ-XYZ byte pattern. To make this work for RGB or BGR images, one would
> need only ensure that XYZ are mapped to the correct components ahead of
> time, which I assumed was the job of SDL_MapRGB(), i.e. X<- R,  Y<- G, Z
> <- B for RGB, X<- B,  Y<- G, Z<- R.
> Is this not what happens?

It was a couple of days ago ... but I got the impression that wasn't 
happening. Looks like I'm retesting anyway - I'll supply more details...


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