[SDL] Offering $100 if you can fix this...

VernJensen vern at actionsoft.com
Fri Jul 15 17:28:37 PDT 2011

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > (Despite testgl2 doing this) don't call SDL_GL_MakeCurrent() every frame.
> > 
> The latest SDL in Mercurial now handles the case of trying to make the 
> current context current, and now testgl2.c no longer runs at 30fps in 
> fullscreen on Mac OS X.

Wow, I'm a little embarrassed that the cause of the problem was so basic! 

But yes, the $100 is yours if you want it! I wasn't kidding about the offer. I'm very grateful to get this fixed, if this is indeed the same issue causing a slowdown in my app. (I'm guessing it is, as my app also calls the same function once every frame.)

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