[SDL] sdl 1.2 - incorrect scancode reported on osx

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Jul 5 02:52:05 PDT 2011

> This happens with the italian keyboard, while the code works well with
> the english layout: is this a known problem? is there a way to fix it?

It looks like the Mac 1.2 code decides the keysym from the scancode, and 
tries to let the OS override this:


If that piece of code is completely failing for some reason, you'd get 
the behaviour you're experiencing, as scancodes map to physical keys (so 
whatever letter happens to be written on a specific key, you'll get the 
same value in any country).

I've never heard a complaint about this happening before, but that 
doesn't mean anything.

If you care that the key is SDLK_w, that'll be a problem, but if you 
wanted to know if the user typed a "w" while entering text, call 
SDL_EnableUNICODE(1) near the start of your program and use 
event.key.keysym.unicode in the SDL_KEYDOWN event...on the Mac, this 
gets the "w" character from Cocoa directly, and should still work correctly.


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