[SDL] Setting up Code::Blocks IDE for SDL 1.3

William Dyce wilbefast at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 00:30:50 PDT 2011

Hey guys,

Just thought I might throw this out before I go too far along with it: the
open-source IDE "Code::Blocks" is configured to compile projects using SDL
1.2 if it's installed. This basically just creates a project that will
compile and link sources using *`sdl-config --libs`*. I'm wondering if
there's a simple way of using the 1.3 libraries instead of the 1.2 ones. I
just compiled and installed *SDL-1.3.0-4429*, so the libraries are all in *
/usr/local/lib*, but Code::Blocks has a habit of using either the wrong
headers (won't compile) or the wrong libraries (crashes at runtime - can't
load .so). That's the trouble with IDEs I guess.

I'm using 1.3 in order to develop a game for Android and later Linux, Mac,
Windows, etc from the ground-up using SDL. Needless it's quicker and easier
to test game logic under Ubuntu, so I'm working towards making something
that will compile for either platform using macros (__ANDROID__ is defined
by the port).
Who here is working with 1.3? How have you set up your development

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