[SDL] Has anyone published an SDL 1.3 app on the Mac App Store?

VernJensen vern at actionsoft.com
Mon Jul 18 08:12:19 PDT 2011

I'm curious, because when I submit using Application Loader, I get:

Package "com.actionsoft.midnightmansionepisode1": Bundle at "MM.app/Contents/Frameworks/SDL.framework" in Payload not declared in PackageInfo.

I've renamed the bundle identifier to "com.libsdl.sdl" because initially Application Loaded complained that "SDL" was not a valid bundle identifier. I've also verified that this bundle identifier is unique. I don't know what else to try, aside from "com.actionsoft.sdl" (same naming scheme as my app). This is based on Apple's FAQ for this issue, see below. 

I'm wondering, has anyone else published a Mac app via the Mac App Store using SDL 1.3?? How did you get around this issue?


10.  I'm receiving a "Payload not declared in PackageInfo" error when using Application Loader.  What's going wrong and how can I fix this?
This error typically occurs when embedding bundles (including frameworks) inside your app bundle.  When including bundles inside your app, it's particularly important that you ensure they have unique bundle identifiers that match your company's naming scheme.  You can also run into this problem if your app contains multiple bundles that each have the same bundle identifier.  As always, ensure sure you do not leave your bundle identifier as com.yourcompany.yourcocoaframework and that each identifier is unique within your bundle.
A similar problem can occur if your app includes a helper application and both apps reference a common bundle.  Suppose your app contains and uses FooBundle and your helper app also contains and uses its own copy of FooBundle.  Since both of these copies of FooBundle are identical, they have the same bundle identifier.  Furthermore, since both of them are located inside your app bundle as a whole, you will receive the above error message.  Instead, you should provide a common location in your app bundle that both your app and your helper application can reference when they need FooBundle.

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