[SDL] Mouse motion events incorrect after a new screen

Stephen Anthony sa666666 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 16:05:07 PDT 2010

My preliminary testing indicates that an extra ConfigureNotify X11 event 
is being received, even after the old screen is deleted.  This calls 
SDL_PrivateResize with the old coordinates, which then sets 
SDL_SetMouseRange with the old coordinates.

So my guess that clipping is performed was correct.  After creating a 
screen of size 640x480 and previously having a screen of size 640x420, the 
mouse range is clipped to 640x420.  And this is exactly what I'm seeing in 
the app.

Has anyone seen this before?  Any idea why an extra ConfigureNotify event 
is generated, even after the video mode has been deleted??


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