[SDL] Porting to Android: NDK strategies, etc.

Nathaniel J Fries nfries88 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 17:09:43 PDT 2010

There is already a GSoC project for a port to Android.

Using that and providing any assistance possible to the student working on it would the best way to meet both your goal of getting your SDL game on Android and with your efforts assisting the rest of those using SDL.

As for SDL_mobile, that's not something that's actually been coordinated or anything yet, just a recommendation. Who knows if and/or when that will ever happen.
Realistically, it will at the very least need both an Android and an iPhone developer to coordinate together. MichelleC seemed very interested in making SDL more useful in iPhone development, so maybe you should speak with her. And as always, I am very willing to make recommendations on the API and (where possible) suggestions on its implementation. I've never developed for either device and definitely lack the time to learn either right now, so I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help beyond commenting on the API.

EM3 Nathaniel Fries, U.S. Navy


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