[SDL] SDL Clipboard API: Recommendations based on research

Nathaniel J Fries nfries88 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 21 22:27:37 PDT 2010

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> No, I understood what you meant.  I was just (silently) referring to an API that I was trying to provide support for, which expected an asynchronous notification when the clipboard contents changed.  No worries.

I see, then.
If it were not for X11's design, I would agree that doing this would be a good idea. But certainly not a necessity for any application.

> Yeah, I started working on a mime type based implementation and then
> quickly ran into the fact that to support image copying and pasting I
> would have to implement fairly complicated image converters for the
> various platforms.
> I quickly simplified it for SDL 1.3 release, but I structured the
> functions such that there's no reason we couldn't add mime-type based
> functions and extended clipboard support in the future. This could be
> done now if someone is motivated to contribute it, or post release at
> some point when someone really wants it. 

I would say to just worry about converting it to one image format supported by the system. Then you can use it together with applications not built to support these mime types, but do support whatever is available from the system. On Win32, this would be bitmaps (which should be fairly easy with an SDL_Surface). Don't know about other platforms.

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