[SDL] SDL_mixer from daemon

Leonel Florin Selles leonel06033 at cfg.jovenclub.cu
Sun Dec 12 20:35:15 PST 2010

Hi friends:

Well, i'm developing a program create with C++, this program is a daemon,
i mean, the program will start in the background when the system start
(linux), this daemon will check a several things on the system and if some
of these things that the program will check happens the daemon have to
play a sound, for this i'm using SDL_Mixer, and if I execute the program
manually he play the sound (wav), but if I put th program in daemon form
when he try to init de SDL_mixer he get out and stop working.

My question is, is possible that I can not use the SDL_mixer for do this
from a program when is a daemon?.

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