[SDL] Integration of SDL with VRPN?

Nathaniel J Fries nfries88 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 19:34:03 PST 2010

Either option is a good one. I prefer the idea of making an SDL wrapper for VRPN because then I can simply build the wrapper and use it in an existing SDL application easily. The only issue with this is that some of your lower-level features may need to go unused to implement SDL's API.

The second option will simplify your work a reasonable bit, but won't really help SDL that much. That said, Sam seems like a pretty nice guy and may be more than happy to give you that code.

The best outcome would be to make both happen -- you get SDL's input/force-feedback device code under your license, then SDL switches to VRPN to support hopefully even more devices in SDL. Of course, this is very optimistic -- it assumes you won't have major API changes and that your code is as easy to build and as portable as SDL is.

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