[SDL] SDL OS X 1.3 Not send Right Mouse Events

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Thu Dec 2 04:52:52 PST 2010

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> The right click support should be fixed with the latest changes.
> I'm working on compiling it on Mac OS 10.5 now, and the relative mouse
> motion is on my TODO list.
> I'd love for anyone to tackle the other things on the list...
> See ya!
My suggestion is you make two targets; one a 10.6 (and probably intel 
only) target, and a 10.4 (lots of people still have this and lots of 
developers want to support it) ppc/intel 32 bit target.

The *only* thing that is a problem (you can check my older email) is the 
NSTouch interface.  It didn't exist until 10.6.  If you dupe the current 
target, set the SDK to 10.4, and then surround the NSTouch code with 
ifdefs, it works great.

Drop a note on the list when you have relative working.  dim3 has all 
the 1.2/1.3 code behind defines so I can switch in and out and test both 
the OS X and win32 version.

[>] Brian

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