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azer tyuiop gl_disturbedid at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 1 09:39:27 PST 2010

Well ok. So I tried again, I put the libSDL_Image in my rep. I than do : 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/users/tao/aze/libsdl:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and than I lunch the 
program. I do not get anymore 

error while loading shared libraries: libSDL_image-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory

The programs starts, and than I do this error : 

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| DirectFB 1.2.7 |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        (c) 2001-2008  The world wide DirectFB Open Source Community
        (c) 2000-2004  Convergence (integrated media) GmbH

(*) DirectFB/Core: Single Application Core. (2009-06-02 06:33) 
(!) Direct/Util: opening '/dev/fb0' and '/dev/fb/0' failed
    --> No such file or directory
(!) DirectFB/FBDev: Error opening framebuffer device!
(!) DirectFB/FBDev: Use 'fbdev' option or set FRAMEBUFFER environment variable.
(!) DirectFB/Core: Could not initialize 'system_core' core!
    --> Initialization error!
[critical] cannot initialize SDL.


But I solved partially my problem. There is a batch mode in my program that do 
not call any graphical routine. It is the one I use when I lunch experiments on 
other machines. So by shipping the .so with it, I can lunch in this mode. Which 
is a big thing and is all what I need. However if it solves my problem, it do 
not solve 'the' problem, how to lunch sdl apps on machines that cannot have root 
access to install libSDL?

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Quoth azer tyuiop <gl_disturbedid at yahoo.fr>, on 2010-12-01 17:11:13 +0000:
> I think it is a right issue, as if I 
> remember well, Linux give the same rights as of the owner of the lib.

No.  On Linux, dynamic libraries get the same credentials as the rest
of the process.

   ---> Drake Wilson
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