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azer tyuiop gl_disturbedid at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 1 09:11:13 PST 2010

Yes same architecture.

Ok, I did an ldd on the target machine, and I got a not found on the 
libSDL_image library (and only on this one, the others are ok). However, I 
already tried in the past to copy the libSDL_image in a personal folder, and 
exported a variable to tell the linker to search for the library in that rep. I 
didn't got the libSDL_image not found error, however I got an internal error 
from SDL, saying that it was not able to initiate the framebuffer /dev/fb0, or 
something like that. I am not sure, but I think it is a right issue, as if I 
remember well, Linux give the same rights as of the owner of the lib. And so, 
this solution cannot work, as the lib have to be in /usr/lib. I am not sure of 
what I am saying but that's how I interpreted the error.

So copying the .so seems not to be a solution.

However thank you so much for your help. It is the very welcome. I really can't 
figure how to solve this.  

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azer tyuiop writes:

> I did, it change nothing. Maybe it can be helpful so here is my makefile. Note 
>that by uncommenting/commenting the two successive lines LDFLAGS (to make the 
>lin dynamic) it compile just fine.
> Apart the static linking, Is there any other way to make my program run on a 
>machine that don't have sdl?

If it is the same architecture, you could `ldd' your executable, copy
all dynamic libraries listed not expected to be in the other system and
pack them together. Maybe even better is to issue a `ldd' on the other
machine to know which ones are missing.

As for the linking problem, I'd try to see if I'm able to compile a
static SDL program without SDL Image first.


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