[SDL] Re : Re : statically linking

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Wed Dec 1 08:46:48 PST 2010

azer tyuiop writes:

> I did, it change nothing. Maybe it can be helpful so here is my makefile. Note that by uncommenting/commenting the two successive lines LDFLAGS (to make the lin dynamic) it compile just fine.
> Apart the static linking, Is there any other way to make my program run on a machine that don't have sdl?

If it is the same architecture, you could `ldd' your executable, copy
all dynamic libraries listed not expected to be in the other system and
pack them together. Maybe even better is to issue a `ldd' on the other
machine to know which ones are missing.

As for the linking problem, I'd try to see if I'm able to compile a
static SDL program without SDL Image first.


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