[SDL] GLU port for OpenGL ES

Mike Gorchak lestat at i.com.ua
Sun Apr 12 21:12:46 PDT 2009

Hello, Armin!

 >  >  RH>>> Hi Mike, that sounds interesting, are there any plans to add
 >  >  RH>>> gles 2.0 support?
 >  >>> Since I do not have any GLES 2.0 implementation (on my QNX box or on
 >  >>> my WM6 mobile), it is not possible to test GLU ES under GLES 2.0.
 >  >>> But I'm interested in it :) Maybe you know some software GLES 2.0
 >  >>> implementation which could just render all stuff to offscreen buffer
 >  >>> ?
 >  AS>> Mesa3D renders very well to a offscreen buffer ... and it is easy
 >  AS>> to port to QNX6.
 >> Mesa 3D has GL ES support ?
 AS> No, but GL ES is a functional subset of OpenGL ... even if the coding
 AS> is different. Whay not using Mesa3D (~OpenGL) ??

Really Mesa3D will have support for OpenGL ES, I've seen some work in this 
direction. OpenGL ES 2.0 has no compatibility with OpenGL ES 1.1, like 
OpenGL 2.0 has compatibility with OpenGL 1.5. OpenGL ES 2.0 do not supports 
matrix operations, stack of matrices, client states, etc, while OpenGL 2.0 
has all of these functions. So all my code must be totally rewritten.

 >> P.S. Armin, regarding your old request about OpenGL ES support in SDL
 >> under QNX, I'm afraid it is not possible to port all stuff correctly to
 >> QNX right now, take a look at all bugs in QNX/GF/GLES, which I've found
 >> during one month of development:
 >> http://community.qnx.com/sf/go/projects.graphics/discussion.opengl_es.
 AS> So ... do you think that the advanced graphic package isn't a base for 
 AS> port of SDL 1.3 ?

Definitely not for QNX 6.4.0, maybe 6.4.1 will have all neccessary fixes.

With best regards, Mike Gorchak.  E-mail: lestat at i.com.ua 

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