[SDL] [OT] Repeating timers

michael brown n5qmg at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 10 16:49:55 PDT 2009

Donny Viszneki wrote:
> OT
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 6:21 PM, michael brown <n5qmg at earthlink.net>
> wrote:
>> Donny Viszneki wrote:
>>> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 5:55 PM, michael brown <n5qmg at earthlink.net>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> use GStreamer ;)
>>>> Looks like too much delay for what I'm doing right now, but I think
>>>> I can incorporate it in other ways. Thanks again for pointing it
>>>> out.
>>> Hmm?
>> The delay? Right now I can get "live" data to my vnc desktop window
>> with less than 500mS delay. Almost any streaming system that also
>> captures to disk is going to introduce 5 to 10 times that much delay
>> for buffering and other overhead.
> It sounds like you didn't even look at GStreamer...

You are correct, I haven't had time to really look at it yet.  I only 
glanced thru the documentation quickly.  I do intend to spend some time 
playing with it.  When I'm viewing in "real time", I want my viewer to play 
at normal speed as frames are being captured, yet stop when frames aren't 
being captured.  I also want to be able to skip back and step thru the 
frames of someone that just drove by.  It's also nice to be able to hit a 
key and have the original JPEG instantly copied to another directory of 
heinous violaters.  ;-)   Perhaps I can easily accomplish this with 
GStreamer, but I'll have to spend some time digging thru it.  I wanted some 
instant gratification and pthreads is doing it for me right now.  :-) 

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