[SDL] Repeating timers

michael brown n5qmg at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 10 11:46:11 PDT 2009

Mason Wheeler wrote:
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>> From: michael brown <n5qmg at earthlink.net>
>> Subject: Re: [SDL] Repeating timers
>> That's not what my tinkering showed.  I found that if you set the
>> timer for 30mS, each callback will begin 30mS apart, even if you
>> delay 3mS in the callback routine.  AIUI, returning zero from the
>> callback function cancels the timer and any other value just
>> continues the repitition.  The timer only has 10mS granularity.  I
>> hope they change this.  ;-)
> Hang on.  So returning some other number doesn't reset the timer or
> change the interval?  The comment sure looks like it says that it
> should!  Is this a glitch, or am I misunderstanding something?

Yes, it appears that the documentation that I read on that part was wrong. 
Some testing I just did shows that the return value is important.  Returning 
0 doesn't appear to cancel the timer either.  Still doing experiments..... 

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