[SDL] sdl mixer, high cpu ussage

javier morante javiermor_g at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 24 20:37:23 PDT 2009

Martin Storsjö wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, michael brown wrote:
>> Bump, any ideas?  Of course I meant sws_scale, sorry for the
>> misspelling. Am I doing it completely wrong?  Is there a way to blit
>> the data to/from the overlay?  Should SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay copy the
>> contents of the overlay to the underlying surface that is linked to
>> it?  Can someone point me to a list of environment variables that
>> SDL uses?  In particular, I'm looking for ones that disable hardware
>> acceleration.
> You're not supposed to draw on top of the YUV overlay using normal 2D
> blitting operations. If you want graphics on top of the YUV video, you
> need to manually draw it into the YUV data before updating the
> overlay.

OK, I figured I was doing it wrong.  What function(s) could I use to blit 
onto the decoded YUV "frame" data with alpha blending support, before 
calling sws_scale?  Sorry if these are stupdid questions, I'm still trying 
to wrap my head around all this stuff.  Thanks. 

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