[SDL] SDL_WM_SetIcon, Unable to load a BMP image or a surface

Vincent Williams vwillia3 at mail.usf.edu
Sun Apr 19 04:21:49 PDT 2009


we at the pygame project (SDL for python) are trying to time our release.
So if there's a new SDL soon we'll want to do tests with it, and make sure
new features are wrapped.

So if there is a release planned for soon(1-3 months), we will wait,
otherwise we won't wait.

SDL 1.3 is not an option for us now, we are waiting until it gets further
along (api stablises, and distros start having it).  There might be some
experimental work wrapping it, but it won't be in our main release for quite
a while.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Patryk Bratkowski <pbratkowski at yahoo.com>wrote:

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> Hi,
> is there a new SDL 1.2.x release planned?
> If so, when?
> (Didn't wanna yell, just wanted the answers to stand out.)
> Is there a reason you want a new 1.2 release? Most  work is going into 1.3
> cheers,
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