[SDL] GSoC 2009 ideas

Holmes Futrell hfutrell at umail.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 2 00:12:54 PDT 2009

Hello SDL!

I'm applying to GSoC again this year (my GSoC 2008 project was starting 
the SDL port for iPhone) and I'd like to apply to SDL again.  I have a 
lot of ideas on how I'd like to continue my work from last year, but I'm 
curious if people have input as to what would be most useful.

Some ideas for what I'd like to do:

1. Bring the iPhone port and examples up to date with the rest of SDL 
1.3 and smooth any build issues people are having.  This is probably the 
only one I'm 100% sure of.

2. Touch input.  I'd be up for adding this to SDL.  I previously 
simulated this in the iPhone port of SDL by using SDL's multiple mouse 

3. Port an SDL game to iPhone ... I know Sam was working on Maelstrom, 
perhaps I could finish that work.  I looked at Supertux, which would be 
really cool but the project is probably way too complicated to pull 
off.  Any other ideas?

4. Add landscape mode video support to the iPhone port of SDL.

5. Port peripheral libraries to iPhone.  I've previously looked through 
some of the other libraries and evaluated how hard they would be to port:

SDL_image:       moderately easy, just a lot of dependencies
SDL_net:            probably trivial (using existing Mac OS X code)
SDL_ttf:             easy
SDL_mixer:       appears difficult to port

thanks for your input!

- Holmes Futrell

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