[SDL] Downloading a file using SDL

Charles McGarvey onefriedrice at brokenzipper.com
Wed Feb 27 16:19:37 PST 2008

You can use SDL_net which is just an implementation or wrapper of sockets, so you would need to implement the transfer protocol (HTTP or FTP, etc) yourself.  You probably want to use somethin higher level like libcurl.


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  Hi folks,
  I am writing a game that I would like to be able to download a file from an internet site (for in-game content downloading), and I'm wondering if I can do this with SDL or it's libraries. Would SDL-net be adequate? Is there a library that would be easier to use that SDL-net? I'm writing C++, and I'd like to keep it cross-platform (otherwise, I'd just pull some .NET code off of the web... there's plenty of that!)
  Any suggestions?


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