[SDL] Windowing Toolkit with SDL?

Kevron Rees tripzero at nextabyte.com
Wed Feb 27 07:17:51 PST 2008



have an application which has certain widgets (like buttons, list-box and

also need to display multiple display streams coming from various
resources in a network.


used QT Designer to develop the application and used SDL for displaying the

However, since the SDL does not
support these widgets, I created the SDL surface such that it
overlaps QT application.


you pl. suggest, if I can use only SDL or any other SDL based windowing toolkit
instead of that provided by QT?

reason why I want to change to only SDL (or SDL based toolkit) is that I see
various stability issue in the above application (application exits without any
error message, or sometimes with glibc crash dump) and suspect that
combination of QT and SDL might be causing issue.


Thanks and best regards



check out cegui (http://www.cegui.org.uk).  I think it requires opengl but it's pretty good from what i've seen.

I personally use my own toolkit in my sdl project
(http://nghost-project.com).  You could check it out, but it's pretty
specific to my application.

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