[SDL] Does SDL clip surfaces on blitting?

Leo M. Cabrera leo28c at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 02:01:16 PST 2007

Yeah, that's sort of what I'm asking.

Even though my machine is too fast to notice, I did test the image by 
making it a bit larger... I didn't see any speed difference, but once I 
removed all transparent (colorkeyed) pixels, I did notice a slight 
slowdown in the background. But like I said, my machine is too fast (not 
bragging). :P

Jonathan Greig wrote:
> Yes, it does only display the size of your "screen" as James said. I 
> am a bit interested in this myself from a performance standpoint, as a 
> bit of code I have written in the past loads a large image into a 
> surface. Does SDL spend time clipping the pixel data before blitting? 
> I.E. is the unused portion of the image actually causing any 
> performance impact as opposed to clipping the image manually before 
> blitting?
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