[SDL] mac compiler request

neil at cloudsprinter.com neil at cloudsprinter.com
Wed Dec 26 19:31:28 PST 2007

i would like to be able to put mac versions of my other (not) finished games,
crazeeman + conveysdl up on the cloudsprinter.com/software preferably a single
'thing' that will work on a 'mac' for each. i still have yet to behold the joy
of attempting to compile things using free tools on a mac. i am sure it 
is fun.


stop top posting, it is dirty ( dot com )

Quoting matt hull <mattmatteh at mac.com>:

> is there source?  i or anyone on the list can test it for you.

it is changing a bit again so i dont want to throw old verisons around when i
didnt change much really

and right now it wont compile on my dad's rediculiously expensive riscos
machine, so there must be something obscufticating the compiler system
somewhere i need to find. ( probably me ).
> i dont think you can cross compile for mac as some headers are needed
> to build with.
> there are 2 ways to build on mac: xcode and the unix way.  if it
> compiles and runs on linux, it should work the same way.
> the mac way will have an application bundle.  i have not done that yet.
riscos has had application 'bundles' for ever, it would be intersting 
to see how
sane these things are.
> matt
> On Dec 22, 2007, at 2:18 PM, neil at cloudsprinter.com wrote:
>> i am looking for someone who is mac sdl-prog-buildable to test
>> build my game on
>> the mac.
>> tho i am in a state of confusion as to what 'running on mac'
>> actually entails
>> these days.
>> if anyone can point me to a linux gcc cross compiling for mac for
>> lazy people
>> website...

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